Why Search Rankings Seem So Volatile

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Why Search Rankings Seem So Volatile

If you’ve ever spent time optimizing a website for search engines via search engine optimization (SEO), you’ve likely felt the pain of seeing your rankings plummet after an unexpected update. Even if you’ve never heard of SEO, you’ve likely conducted an ident…

These might be the best IT certifications to add to your CV

TL;DR: The Complete 2020 IT Certification bundle is on sale for £31.31 as of July 6, saving you 97% on list price.

If CVs were Twitter profiles, certifications would be verification badges. They're not the most important feature to your page, but you better …

Save 95% on a lifetime subsciption to this clever cloud storage solution

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Degoo Premium is on sale for £55.93 as of July 3, saving you 95% on list price.

Some people bungee jump. Others skydive. And other daredevils walk around without any backup for their photos, videos, and documents. Shove us o…

This online course teaches you advanced Excel techniques

TL;DR: The Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced class is on sale for £8.82 as of July 4, saving you 92% on list price.

Everyone uses Excel, but not everyone excels at Excel.
Even if you think you know everything about the ubiquitous spreadsheet tool, th…

This stacked Google Analytics training bundle is on sale for under £20

TL;DR: The Ultimate Google Analytics Mastery bundle is on sale for £15.76 as of July 22, saving you 94% on list price.

Nowadays, it pays to learn how to make sense of copious amounts of information. And when we say pay, we mean it in the literal sense. 

Satisfy your curiosity with this bite-sized book summary app

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to SumizeIt Book Summaries is on sale for £24.08 as of July 5, saving you 70% on list price.

Do you want to find out the secret to success? Do you yearn to discover how empires were built, millions were made, and industries wer…

SEO Negotiation: How to Ace the Business Side of SEO — Best of Whiteboard Friday

Posted by BritneyMullerSEO has become more important than ever, but it isn't all meta tags and content. A huge part of the success you'll see is tied up in the inevitable business negotiations. In this helpful Whiteboard Friday from August of 2018, our reside…

Create visually appealing, fast-loading, optimized sites with the help of this website builder

Having a website is basically an indication that your business exists. Otherwise, you'll be hard-pressed to find customers that will want to do business with you. At a time where most people go online to find a local business, you need to be found on the worl…

Differences Between Static Generated Sites And Server-Side Rendered Apps

JavaScript currently has three types of applications that you can build with: Single Page Applications (SPAs), pre-rendering/static generated sites and server-side rendered applications. SPAs come with many challenges, one of which is Search Engine Optimizati…

3 Tools to Help You Build a Strong Website and Brand

It's easier than ever to build your own digital presence. We tested and reviewed some of the latest offerings.

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